Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Despite being a joyous occasion, its mere mention can invoke anxiety in some Singaporeans, who dread forking out for big festive season expenses.

Last year, 500 Singaporeans said as part of a survey that they expected to spend S$2,503 each during Chinese New Year. Of course, if you’re giving away ang pows or hosting guests this year, your costs could be much higher.

If you’re trying to keep tabs on your CNY budget this year but don’t want to skimp on the festivities, here are some of the best credit card promotions and discounts that can help you save this season.


 About one fifth of your Chinese New Year budget will go to food – at least according to last year’s spending trends. Here are promotions and discounts to help you reduce spending costs in this category.

  1. 4-for-3 Prosperity …