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Advice to readers: understand crypto before even considering buying it.

I’ve heard way too many stories of noobs FOMOing into crypto and made a quick buck and thought they were invincible but are now being totally destroyed by the market (as expected btw).

I’m sad to hear that some people still think crypto is all gambling and speculation. Then again, seeing how most of the new people seriously approach it like gamblers with their only 2 criteria for crypto selection being Hope and Luck, I can somewhat understand why. But that is also where “experts” have made the mistake thinking that your common uncle Ah Huat is the main market mover in crypto. (Psssssssssssst fyi, it’s not, lol)

Oh well I guess I have to make all the money myself then.

Thanks Buffet.

For crypto vets, just a friendly reminder: BTFD …