Shopping for high-quality clothes in Singapore is expensive. In Singapore, a pair of quality heels can cost over $250, a nice dress over $300, and a quality handbag over $500. As a young professional in my mid-20s, I sometimes feel sandwiched between the desire to wear such well-made, high-quality clothing to exude that additional air of professionalism, and my inability to justify such purchases that would take up a good portion of my monthly income.

Thankfully, I managed to find ways to score these items on the cheap.

TL;DR: Where To Get The Best Deals For Your Clothes Shopping online: Shipping agents: US Retailers: Pre-loved Designer Clothes Thrift stores: Tools to help tag items for online store Quality And Designer Clothes At A Cheaper Price

Here’s a breakdown of the savings I got from purchasing these items with my strategy (shopping online but with some additional twists) as opposed to buying …