“Biggest ICO project of 2018”!
“1 coin is predicted to reach $70 by March 2018!”

Someone tried shilling a new ICO (initial coin offering) to me recently and after just 15 minutes, I was so convinced and believe this to be another outright scam, so I’m documenting this here for us all to come back in March 2018 to see what happens.

A little intro into Legitcoin: they claim to be:

  1. The “biggest ICO project of 2018” 
  2. Legitcoin “will be one of the fastest blockchains ever made”
  3. Will be listed on Bittrex and HiBTC (I think they mean HitBTC, LOL!)
  4. Registered users are “entitled to free Legitcard for ATM cash withdrawal of Legitcoin or any cryptocurrency worldwide”
  5. Moreover, they promise that Legitcoin will be “accepted online by merchants in an increasing number of countries”

Let’s delve a little deeper into each …