About the Author:

David Einhorn is founder and president of Greenlight Capital, a value-oriented hedge fund that returned 16.5% a year from 1996 till 2016. He is best known for correctly identifying Lehman’s balance sheet deficiencies ahead of their downfall in 2008 though his track record of spotting accounting fraud extends far beyond Lehman.

About the Book:

This book details Einhorn’s struggle to expose fraud at Allied Capital despite his possession of overwhelming evidence.

“But the most troubling material concerns an issue that is bigger than Allied and Einhorn’s battle: it’s the way criticisms of corporate behavior are received in the marketplace. Many, including the SEC, appeared inclined to shoot the messenger.”

– Bethany McLean, Fortune

I could not agree more.

I highly recommend this book to investors who are interested to find out more about the dark underbelly of Wall Street. As plenty of accounting …