Source: Of Two Minds

I’m out…. of my trading precious metals positions! (exited at a slight profit, still holding onto my physical stacks in my safe)

I’m now preparing (keyword) to plow it all into crypto. I only hope the market stays horrible long enough for me to take up my positions in the cryptos that I am planning on scooping up.

I decided to be a smug ass bitch and post this while we are “crashing” so all the skeptics will click on my post for that sweet sweet “I told you so” validation, but instead get trolled, AHAHAHA.

By the way, remember my post I did on my portfolio in December? I’m still higher than that after this “crash”. Oh, and this is after I injected capital which would drag down my portfolio returns. How are my new positions doing even though I bought them so late? Fantastically …