It is official now! KPO has been promoted and is no longer the smallest fry in the team. lol. The best part of the promotion is not the change in title but the salary increment that comes with it. I was given an increment of more than 20%! Always thought that I would never see such increment unless I change a company.

With this, we have unlocked a few achievements in life:
1. Beating the CPF Ordinary Wage Ceiling ($6,000) – Going forward, we get to keep more cash!
2. CZM and I can no longer BTO for HDB – Income Ceiling ($12,000) – Fortunately, we have successfully applied for one a few years back :)
3. My salary has increased by > 50% as compared to my first drawn salary
4. CZM’s salary has increased by > 100% as compared to her first drawn salary

I have a spreadsheet to project our