Many readers asked me aboutSingapore Savings Bond recently and apparently it is because the coupon is now 1.55% for the first year which is much higher than what any local bank I know would pay for a 1 year fixed deposit.

I was not interested in the Singapore Savings Bond for various reasons and to avoid repeating myself, if you are not familiar with the reasons, please read the following blog (plus details on eligibility and mechanics):

Singapore Savings Bond: Good or bad?

When I blogged about the bond in the middle of 2015, the bond’s coupon for the first year was 0.9%.

At that time, we could get 1.45% interest for a one year fixed deposit easily.

The Singapore Savings Bond was unattractive for money in my emergency fund and war chest, therefore.

Interest rates for one year fixed deposits have declined although I am puzzled why they would because …