Move over CryptoKitties – It’s time for Battle Fishes to take the limelight!


It is described as a Decentralized Deep Ocean Food Chain Game on Smart Contracts. Whitepaper can be found here.

And allows you to participate in classic PvP (player-versus-player) to grow the predatory fish that hunt opponents gaining their weight. As a player, your ultimate aim is to nurture the largest fish to dominate the others.

How? If you ‘battle’ other fishes and win, you gain weight by biting off their weight (meaning: your winning fish will gain weight while the losing fish will lose weight. Your fish can even gain weight when it defends successfully!

Check out below infographic for a comprehensive view:

The Team Behind Fishbank

Chatrobotic studio backing Fishbank project specializes in gamification of extraordinary environments and is popular by it’s 3 chat bot game titles running on the messengers’ platforms (Telegram, Kik, Facebook).