Since I have written about M1 Ltd (aka M1) in my last post, I felt I should be responsible to write something about its latest full year 2017 earnings report.

Firstly, I am delighted. This was because dividend (for the 2nd half of the year) increased, even when the 4th quarter net profit was slightly lower than the year before.

In addition, everyone was expecting a lousy quarter because IT IS M1 –┬áthe telecom that is bound to fail! If the results were lousy, everyone will just be like “I told you so…”;

but now everyone is more like “hmmm… is this good or not good?”, just like all the analyst in this article.

But What Is My Opinion of M1’s Future?

Despite being vested in M1, I am VERY SURE its revenue will be impacted by the entry of TPG and MyRepublic this year …