Reader says…
I hope you bear with me while I share the info about it – resale flat was purchased at 480k and I got a hdb housing grant of 50k for 1st timer.

My fiancee and myself went for a bank loan instead of hdb loan.

The loan principle I have to service is 384k.

I would really appreciate your advice/guidance to my following questions:

a. I thought of repaying my housing loan using cash instead of cpf.

I think this is still manageable from my side from a cash liquidity perspective since I could save on the chargeable accrued interest (at the point of future flat sale) and at the same time continue to earn the 2.5% int.

What do you think about this approach in terms of pros/cons?

b. I took the housing grant of 50k which I know will be charged accrued interest …