All right guys, for this post we’ll take a break from my usual 200% daily dosage of concentrated sarcasm that I normally inject into my posts and talk about something really serious:

Losing money in crypto.

Everyone loves talking about how much money they made, so there is a bias of the kind of content that you are exposed to. I’m sure you have not seen the dark side of crypto.

Brother kills himself over Bitcoin
Trader loses 200 BTCs (~$3 million SGD) in a month
Confido ICO Exit Scams with $375,000 USD and more from dumping the tokens
Benebit ICO Exit Scams with at least $2.7 million USD using fake photos of their team

Edit: Just after this post went live, news of Japanese exchange Coincheck getting hacked and losing ~$750M USD is making its round. Crypto IS dangerous.

And there are many stories. Those 4 are just …