With 9 long weekends in 2018, this is the year where you can travel the world and start checking things off your bucket list. To help you with that, we’ve asked the Seedly Community about tools & places they use to source for the best air ticket discounts in Singapore. Here’s a quick round-up by our Seedly Personal Finance community.

TL;DR: 5 Tools/ Websites To Find Cheap Air Tickets in Singapore

Broadly speaking, here are 5 essential tools:

Seedly Deals: Deal site for special airlines promotions & deals Skyscanner: Airfare aggregator that compares cheap air tickets across 30+ websites Expedia: Flights+hotel aggregator with Expedia+ Rewards Points program Hellowings: Airfare aggregator that compares air tickets across the year Airline newsletters: Newsletters with exclusive airline deals in your inbox Further Reading: Getting that cheap travel deal 1. Seedly Deals – All airline promotions & deals in 1 place

As fellow travellers, we understand …