What Do Solar Panels And Washing Machines Have In Common?

We talked about the possibility of a trade war happening a few months ago in our article “Spot the oxymoron; the open China and the close USA”.

Let The Battle Begins

We are starting to see signs that such a trade war is starting. Recently, the USA administration issued tariffs on the imports of solar panels and some large residential washing machines. However, such a move might have

According to the news report, there will be an imposed tariff of 30% on solar panel imports. It will then follow a step-down schedule for the next four years. There will also be a 20% tariff on the first 1.2 million on some large residential washing machines imported to the USA and then tariff will be increased to 50%.

The move, especially the tariffs on solar panel imports seem directly targeting Chinese manufacturers as China is still the largest …