A plunge in its share price since mid 2017…that it never recovered from.

An increasing pressure from revolutionary competitors like Uber and Grab.

Does ComfortDelGro [SGX:C52] still have a place in the market?

With a mouth watering 5% dividend yield, does ComfortDelGro (CDG) still deserve a place in investors’ portfolios with all the issues it is facing now?

We analysed ComfortDelGro’s financial numbers using our Dividend Investing strategy in today’s article to find out, let’s jump right in:

What You’ll learn about ComfortDelGro:

Dividend Investing: The GPAD Strategy

Step 1: What is ComfortDelGro’s Gross Profitability?

Step 2: What is ComfortDelGro’s Payout Ratio?

Step 3: What is ComfortDelGro’s Free Cash Flow?

So, Can You Invest In ComfortDelGro?

What Makes Investing Difficult…and what you can do about it

A Summary of What Other Investors Think

Forever Financial Freedom (Positive)