Equity is a practical way to generate good returns for myself being a “kaisu” of me. However “kiasi” of me, no matter how good equity is, I need emergency fund and reserve fund for my property installments if I am unemployed permanently.

After maximizing Singapore Saving Bond ( SSB ) in the range of 2%+, I start to explore ways to optimize my cash other than fixed deposits. One way is Government Treasury Bills which I can apply locally through internet banking easily. The recent allocation is 1.35%. For people who is unfamiliar, here’s the information I tried to get from the web. So dyodd. Easy money for me !

Treasury Bills

When I applied say $50K, the gov pays me for this example 1.38% returns for 1 year tenor bill, $690 ( coupon ) upfront immediately into my saving account ( below table ). After one year, they …