I have always been interested in cryptocurrency mining and has been researching on the internet since last year December on how to do that. Ready made mining rigs sold online are expensive (estimate 5K and above) which deter me from buying one. The other challenge was that I have never build a computer before and thus I did not know where to start from.

Recently, with the help of a friend who guided me, I built my own mining rig. The first step was to write down the shopping list on the things I need to build my own mining rig. The below cost a total of around 3K.

  1. Mining Motherboard
  2. Risers
  3. Graphic Cards (Graphics Processing Unit)
  4. Mining Rack
  5. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  6. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  7. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  8. Keyboard
  9. Mouse
  10. Computer Monitor
  11. Solid State Drive (SSD)
  12. Operating System (Windows 10)

I bought most of items at Sim …