1. Influence Chain ICO Details

Influence chain creates a token based Ecosystem that exploits the advantages of private blockchain by building up a token exchange where influential power (individualized intellectual property) can be monetized into digital assets for the token holders.

People with influential power (influencers) can be celebrities, sports icons, artists, authors, and talented individuals, each of the vertical has its unique supporters. Influence Chain aspires to create value flows and uses cases between influencers and supporters.

In short, Influence chain is looking to give a “value” to the influencers and this “value” will be visible on their “Influence Exchange”.  Influencers are required to tokenize themselves in order to be listed on Influence Exchange.

On top of that, Influence Chain holds hand in hand with 3rd parties to develop an array of applications for further interaction and promoting of talents and generating more sponsorships via:
• Personal item auction
• Video greeting