It had been sometime since anything have happened to my equities portfolio.

Having that said, it’s truly a pity that I have to write this today. In my first portfolio update of 2018, instead of the regular ‘buy’, it had turned into my first ‘sell’ transaction. I’ve divested 300 shares of FCOT at 1.46 today after it went into XD. 

Taking into the account of all the transaction fees, this divestment at 1.46 translates to a P/L of 8.29% or S$33.10 (without dividends) and 15.66% or S$62.53 (with dividends). This big increase you see here is due to the relatively small amount that I’ve placed into the investment. Nonetheless, this also serves as a good lesson learnt along the way.
FCOT announced it’s 1Q18 results and had declared a 2.40 cents distribution for the period. Shares of FCOT had since went XD. With it’s recent run, and at today’s price of 1.46 …