Remember last week?

Refresher – I bought into these at these prices:
AION @ $4.51
ETH @ $952
SNM @ $0.301

Price right now, just over a week later?
AION – $5.15
ETH – $1165
SNM – $0.348

My 1 week profit if I sell it all now?
AION – 14.2%
ETH – 22.4%
SNM – 15.6%

My personal takeaway from this real-life exercise with real money?

Scared money don’t make money.

In my opinion, these are all long term positions and I’m happy buying them extremely cheap. I can sell now and realize ridiculous profits in just a week, but I’m going to keep on holding it for now.

In fact, I’ll probably still be adding some positions in the future when they dip again …