Truth is, there are many ways to evaluate stocks.

Most will work.

But in today’s session of #AskDrWealth, we focus on the simplest way.

That is…the simplest way for any new and aspiring investor to get off their butt and start investing…for real.

Oh and by the way, the Benjamin Graham also used this method.

Let’s hop right in and discuss now;

Have…you met Ashton?

Let’s begin with my favorite way to explain a concept; an analogy. I will introduce you to a guy named Ashton.

Imagine that Ashton has a house worth $1.5 million and cash worth $500,000 in the bank.

Together, these two will form his total assets of $2 million.

Like most of us we don’t usually pay all of our property in full, but finance it through a mortgage loan.

So Ashton takes up a mortgage loan of $500,000, which …