As mentioned before, one of the things that EVERYONE experiences when they come into crypto is the ever looming shadow of REGRET.

Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, you’ll end up regretting.

There is only one optimal solution, and there’s infinite number of ways to do things sub-optimally and feel that regret.

Recently, I’ve been selling a small cap coin that I had bought several months ago.

For illustration purposes, I’d be simplifying some numbers, but the percentages are about there.

I bought into a small cap with 5 ETH a few months ago.
Today, when I’m selling it, I’m only getting back 3 ETH.

Crypto twitter OGs will tell you that BOY YOU ARE RETARDED JUST LOST 2 ETH. Which, mathematically, it is true. If you started with 5 ETH a few months ago and now you have 3 ETH, you just lost 2 ETH and …