Warren Buffett became a millionaire at his 30s and a billionaire at his 50s. 

In today’s #AskDrWealth, we’ll reveal how Warren Buffett invested to make his first million by 30.

Why You Cannot Invest Like Today’s Warren Buffett

Few people know that Warren Buffett became a millionaire at the young age of 30 years old and later became a billionaire in his 50s.

Because of this, many investors want to emulate his investing strategies.

But! There is a difference between his CURRENT investment strategy compared to the strategy that made him a millionaire.

I would urge you to follow Buffett’s millionaire investment strategy rather than his current billionaire strategy.

And today, I’ll break down his millionaire strategy:

The Millionaire Strategy As Taught By Warren Buffett’s Shifu, Benjamin Graham

What Warren Buffett did to get his first million was invest using a strategy called the “Net Net strategy”.

He …