Remember my 25th December post?

For full disclosure, I hold a shit ton of it (DGD). Like, a lot. A lot. Alot. My biggest holding, more than BTC, more than ETH.

I explained my DGD thesis in my Crypto Portfolio for 2018 post.

I made fun of people who kept telling me that DGD is too expensive to buy at $180.

I also talked about a “truer” digital gold in early Nov as well.

So boom, $320 USD or 100% gains in 39 days.

And this is during a period where the rest of the market is tanking 40-80%. (Tron, Verge, Ripple, LOL)

And of course I didn’t buy in at $160 either. I bought in much much lower.

Yes, please again tell me how crypto is purely speculative.
That it is random.
That it is gambling.
That I’m just really lucky.

I guess that was just a lucky guess, …