Frasers Hospitality Trust (FHT) (SGX: ACV) was listed on the SGX on 14 July 2014. It is a trust established to invest in hotels and service residences located in prime locations worldwide. As at 31 December 2017, FHT has a portfolio of 15 properties worth S$2.16 billion.

In this article, I’ll cover FHT’s developments since its listing, its financial results, and discuss its plans towards the immediate future. Here are the key things you need to know about Frasers Hospitality Trust before you invest.

Initial portfolio

FHT was listed with an initial portfolio of 12 properties worth S$1.67 billion. These properties are leased to independent hotel and service residence operators under long-term master lease agreements. The tenure of these agreements (all commencing from 14 July 2014) include:

  • 20+20 years. FHT has eight properties currently leased under this arrangement: InterContinental Singapore, Frasers Suites Singapore, Frasers Suites Sydney, Frasers Place …