If you are a true-blue Singaporean like myself who enjoys my morning indulging in my Bak Chor Mee and Kopi, you should be able to agree with me on the next point.

Singaporeans are ranked first in the Mastercard financial literacy index which indicates a good level of basic money management, financial planning and investment knowledge. Yet, when it comes to translating this knowledge into action, we contemplate. Most of us fail to follow through with it ultimately.

The main reasons behind this are simple:

We are too caught up with work. In fact, Singaporeans rank among the global top when it comes to working hours. We prioritise the use¬†of our free time on family, Facebook surfing and Game Of Thrones¬†above personal finance. We constantly feel that we might not be knowledgeable enough to be trading in the stocks market when we are up against the big fishes in the …