DBS Bank is getting secretive nowadays. Thanks to fellow financial bloggers, I get to know there is this secretive “hole” called “The Burrow” which is a closed Facebook group.

According to the about page, as a member of The Burrow, you will be the first to know

  1. Special deals curated for The Burrow (and some exclusive only to this community!)
  2. Life hacks and tips to unlock the full potential of your DBS Multiplier account
  3. Articles and videos to help you make better financial decisions and reach your life goals
  4. Weekly bites to achieve master of your money
  5. Occasional contests to test your knowledge and skills

Here are some great deals after I joined “The Burrow”

Deal Number 1: Get $5

From now till 30 June 2018, DBS will be giving you a one-time $5 which will be credited into you DBS Multiplier account when you join “The …