My wife has her AIA Vitality App.
​Every week, she gets $10 voucher, she usually redeems for $10 Cold Storage voucher and this voucher only lasts for 2 weeks. It has a very short expiry.

Since we are going overseas on her business trip soon, we needed to spend this voucher quickly. So we decided to drop by Cold Storage to stock up on stuff.
I’m sure most of us know, Cold Storage is the more expensive option for buying ANY form of grocery or toiletries. NTUC, Giant or Sheng Shiong would be better options…
But since I have a voucher, we might as well use it.

For years, I tried to shop for discounts, if a can of mushrooms were normal price, I would not buy it and wait a little for it to be on promo to save another 20 cents per can. I would buy discounted meats which are “Reduced to Clear”.