In my years of investing, I have never have to commit to paying to a monthly investment into a financial assets.

From what I learn about my peers, the active individual stock investors do not do that. The investors investing via exchange traded funds in a passive manner also do not do that.

I been asked if they:

  1. Should choose to invest in STI ETF (an exchange traded fund) over this insurance endowment plan her insurance agent recommended to her
  2. What are my thoughts of Stashaway and similar robo-advisors
  3. Should he start dividend investing or choose to invest in a portfolio of exchange traded funds

I do sense that there is a deep culture to commit to an automatic investment scheme.

These include regular contribution to:

  1. Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan or Phillips Sharebuilder Plan. These are pre-funded ways to invest in selected individual stocks such as Keppel Corp in …