In Chinese tradition, the giving of Red Packet (Ang Pao) during Chinese New Year from the married to the unmarried (mainly children), is a meaningful one.

The actual significance of this tradition is mainly on the red packet, and the money in it is secondary.

The meaning behind giving of red packets during Chinese New Year is a way for married working adults to share their wealth and blessings with the young ones.

On top of that, red colour in Chinese tradition signifies:

Good luck Happiness

While the money in the red packet signifies luck.

How much should you be giving in your Ang Bao this CNY?

Giving of Ang Bao has a really great meaning behind it, but when money is involved, things get a little complicated, and at times, tradition loses its meaning.

A commonly asked question, especially amongst newlywed couples, will be the amount to put in their