This is probably another frivolous spending month. We spent more than $4,800 in January and besides a bigger than usual restaurant allocation, there were quite a few one-offs like a trip to the dentist and aircon servicing.

Well, the higher expenditure is nothing surprising since the Mrs’ birthday falls on January and we are also getting ready for CNY. Moreover, we also celebrated our 10th dating anniversary! Omg, I feel so old. 

Since this is a new year, I have made some changes to this expenses reporting front. Besides adding some photos to make it more interesting, it will also be a better store of memories. There is also a new category called work where all work-related expenses will be parked under. This will allow me to have a better grasp of our core spending.

Eating Out: $1096.20

Hawker ($231.10) – With the school calendar starting, work …