Dear readers, it has been a cool night yesterday and I believe like myself, all of us have a good night sleep with the cool weather. On waking up, I switched on my computer, turned on my internet connection and saw the following on a finance-related webpage:
1) S&P 500: -4.1%

2) Nasdaq: -3/78%

3) DJIA: -4.6%

The above are really one of the worst showing the US stocks markets have in a day, at least since year 2011 (from one of the websites). I believe that when the Singapore stocks markets open later, our markets will similarly feel the repercussions.

I am not surprised at all with the showing of the US stocks markets since I have already shared with readers that the markets’ rallying will have to be corrected soon. And when the markets correct, it will be good time to pick up some good stocks …