So I’m overseas again and I’m planning to buy my CNY goodies here to gift them to my parents and grandparents.

Last year we had good savings from buying mooncakes from Malaysia and gifting them to family so we thought of doing the same for CNY goodies.

Last year, we bought each CNY item at around $20 per container. Each delivery is usually 2 big containers for 4 deliveries. Parents and grandparents x2. So it costed us around $160.
This year the average price is around $22 per container so it would likely have costed us around S$176.

Couple of months back when I was last in KL, I did some recce and they were selling their new year goodies at around MYR40 (S$14) per container depending on the type of item, for their more “atas” brands.
So the SGD equivalent would be $112 (MYR320)

Straight off I thought great idea! I can save around $50.
Today …