It’s a day till the release of Singtel’s 3Q result.
Anticipating it? Pretty much.

Some mini bloodshed is seen in the recent days across the global market. While there is no sufficient supporting reasons for such, it is looking more like a technical correction and the market has recover very briefly today. For now, I still feel that this market we are seeing today belongs more to the over-valued region than it used to be.

Well. I should first apologize as the numbers on the title might look rather deceiving.
If I own 5000 shares of Singtel and doing so – Increasing stake by 250%, it will essentially means that I’m adding 12,500 shares or in another words, plonking S$43,000 into Singtel.

However, as much as I’d wish to say that, sadly, that’s not the case. I guess I will need a couple of years more before I can write the same thing with a …