Suppose you and a Japanese food connoisseur friend go to new restaurant and order a bowl of Ramen. When the Ramen arrives, your friend is aghast !

There are fishballs in his ramen !

He says that the ramen is not authentic because fishballs are not part of Japanese cuisine. In fact, your friend declares that bowl of ramen as Chinese food and unworthy of his meticulously curated Japanese food tasting tastebuds. A few days later, you check out the Wikipedia entry on Japanese Ramen and you find out that Japanese noodles originate from China.

So is the fishball-laden ramen authentic ? Or are all Japanese Ramen dishes a shallow imitation of Chinese noodles ?

Take another example, in your Tinder profile, you declare that you would like your significant other to be an authentic guy. Closer to Valentine’s Day, you manage to get a hot date with your profile. The guy, during the …