In the previous post, we talked about that one stock everyone was crazy over in 2017.

Now, let us look at what are the top 3 stocks with the highest returns in 2017:

Delong takes the top spot with the best performing stock of the year with a whopping 813+% return in 2017. AEM takes the second spot at 484+% while Jiutian Chemical took the 3rd spot at 483+%.

Let’s take a quick look at what each stock’s company does:

Delong Holdings Limited is an investment holding company that was listed in 1999. The Company is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of hot-rolled steel coil (HRC), with the People’s Republic of China as its principal market. The Company operates through manufacture and sale of hot-rolled steel coils and billets segment. The Company’s other operations include finance leasing.

Highlights taken from its company factsheet:

-Delong presently operates three …