So as most readers already know. I’m overseas currently, following my wife on biz trip.

Usually, it’s a boring trip for me. But she likes me around and the flight is under $100 to fly me over so I just accompany her.

Previously, what usually happens is, on a regular day, I hardly do much. I wake up around 8am, turn on the news, prepare some coffee, watch some movies or try to eke out a post then at around 12 noon, I go downstairs to buy some light bites, usually 2 wraps (S$2 each) to eat at 12noon and 3pm. Then I dilly dally the day away til 6pm and I’m glad cos I walk to her office to pick her up and we go out for dinner.
Generally I don’t really love these trips cos there’s hardly much to do. Back home, I clean up the house, do freegan activities, meet …