I gotta say, Tama from Stansberry Churchouse writes a pretty good overview and recap on the recent crypto crash.

You didn’t see it coming? Well, I did, pretty much exactly what he said in his article. I had significantly slowed down my crypto purchases.

Let me show you my historical purchases.

Stacks and stacks and stacks of ETH sub 300, then changing gears to alts with good long term potential (XRB, BNB), then haitus for 2 weeks (7th Jan – 22th Jan) watching the market go irrational and parabolic, then catching knives buy buying stuff well off their all time highs and chasing the market down to fill my bags as its craters.

Skeptical? Check the charts. Check my posts about ETH/AION/SNM and XRB. I didn’t create fake data just for this post. This is only my journal for Fiat-Crypto purchases though. My internal shuffling of crypto-crypto doesn’t appear here.