A Hong Kong actress met a renowned fengshui master recently at a press conference. With Chinese New Year approaching, she asked him about her relationship in the new year.

“You will find Mr. Right these two years. If you want a good marriage, remember one thing: No need to find a very good man. Just don’t pick a 衰人 (bad guy).”

This is the best relationship advice I’ve heard from a fortune teller!

The first prediction is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If the actress believes what the fengshui master said, from now on she will start focusing more on her relationship and will consider all her suitors seriously. Then very soon she will tie the knot. It’s very likely to happen in the next two years.

The second piece of advice is necessary. In case it’s a bad marriage, the actress might blame the fengshui master for rushing or misleading her …