The last 2 weeks turned out to be very “exciting” where the US markets crashed and in turn, causing the Asian markets to follow suit. It was ironic that the markets crashed on a set of good news but this has always been the case – “sell on news”.

For my SRS portfolio, I added another 15,000 shares of Frasers Commercial Trust at $1.40 this week  . . . you can see that the portfolio i have constructed below is pretty “boring”. It won’t move up dramatically (other than UMS) and hopefully, it doesn’t “move down” dramatically as well and it has proven to be so over the last one week. ????

and with this addition, my projected passive income for 2018 (including the bonds and stocks in non SRS account) increased to around $50,708. This works out to be an average monthly income of around $4,225.



For the …