We held a seminar on Macroeconomic Trend Shifts last Thursday night. I will leave it to the other bloggers Xeo Lye and Elvin Liang to talk about their respective sections. As for me, I will just provide a short review of my segment.

My official role for the day is MC. This is an unpaid role I volunteered for because I felt that I can develop a new kind of competency and contribute to BIGScribe. I also wanted to attend the other talks for free.  Also, the directors have, in the past, commented that I’m a very “Kong Hee” like on stage, so I really want to hone this ability before I have to present a client’s case in Court.

Normally an MC would just introduce the other speakers, wish the audience farewell, and consider his job done. I injected a slight twist to my job role.

To introduce …