Actually, some might say that how we view the recent crash is a matter of perspective.

After all, there are many who are rich and doesn’t have a huge stake in the stock market. They can afford to be sanguine in market corrections/clashes. What about the little man on the street?

1. How much at Stake

Person A (Stocks is his lifeline)

Imagine someone who is heavily invested in the stock market, and who is heavily dependent on the price fluctuations or dividend income of his/her stocks. The stock correction or crash will have a more adverse impact to him or her (net worth). He/she could be retired and is doing trading for a ‘living’.

Person B (Doesn’t give a hoot about stocks)

Then you compare Person A with someone who is rich or has a well-paying job, or who is financially independent who doesn’t really need to ‘rely’ on