How To Invest In Risky Assets Like Cryptocurrencies Safely – Facebook Live (Feb 2018)

We explored into the world of cryptocurrencies with bloggers, learners and investors of the subject: Aaron from Mr-Stingy and Dawn from SG Budget Babe.

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Stanley:                                               Hi guys! Everybody, welcome to our first  ever Facebook live event, and today our  topic is going to be about, how to invest  in risky assets like cryptocurrency, but  in a safe manner. Of course, as you guys know, I’m not the expert of cryptocurrency. So, today I have two  special guests that are experts on this  topic, who has been studying this topic  for many years, and they are none other than; number one, one of the famous of  Singapore blogger; Budget Babe,  hello Dawn, and also we have it, Aaron  here from Hi guys!