Read? Lucky Or Unlucky When You First Get Started Investing Over Market Cycles

Can we define crash as bear market i.e. technically STI drops 20% from its recent high?

Every time when Uncle8888 read investment writers brushing off market timing. Uncle8888 smiles! :-)

Of course; you can say this may be you haven’t start practicing RIGHT at top of the market and then the market started to crash over time! Unlucky?

Uncle8888 started practicing from Jan 2000 and what happened then …

3 Jan 2000 to 24 Sep 2001 : -53% (This will require more than 100% rise to break even)

24 Sep 2001 to 05 Mar 2002 : +54%

05 Mar 2002 to 11 Mar 2003 : -35% (Crashed again!)

Not scare meh?

Still don’t believe in market timing meh?