Our Chinese New year (CNY) celebration is not complete without testing our luck over a game of “Ban Luck”. Also known as Blackjack, it is usually used as a barometer for someone’s luck for the year.

While Seedly believes in helping Singaporeans make better personal finance decisions, once a year during CNY, we go down the “dark” path of gambling too (Come on! We are true-blue Singaporeans too).

Having lost quite a bit of my fortune over the past years to “Ban Luck”, I am determined to at least win some back this year with the help of Mathematics and Statistics.

TL;DR – How to increase your chances of winning Ban Luck this CNY

Editor’s note: For those who are unsure of how to play Ban Luck (Chinese Blackjack), we have a guide at the bottom of this article for you! 

The odds of getting a Ban Ban (Ace pair) is …