” Government Service Tax (GST) confirm increase again!”

They say that it helps with the heartache: by anticipating a bad news and “sort of” convince yourself that it is going to happen even before it does, can cushion the impact when the shit hits the fan.

Now, to cushion that impact, we made a bit of an “anticipation” of “bad news” with proper analytics and the help of the Seedly Personal Finance Community.

LIVE: The Budget 2018

Seedly will be providing our insights on The Budget 2018 as it happens.

Stay tuned to this article and our LIVE UPDATE on the Seedly Personal Finance Community.

Further Reading: Seedly’s Bet on the budget

While each Singaporean has their own take on what the budget might be about, here are some of the points that the Seedly Personal Finance Community is expecting:

What will your bet be?

Heading into The Budget 2018 …