Last week, all three U.S. major indices (i.e. DOW, S&P500 and Nasdaq) have registered their best weekly performance in years.

Is the recent sell off over? Let’s take a look.

7 observations on the market

  1. U.S 10Y bond yield is still relatively high at 2.875% (click HERE) vis-à-vis 2.418% a year ago. If it suddenly surges to around 3%, it may fuel another sell off;
  2. Inflation based on several indicators such as core CPI / core PPI released the week of 12 – 16 Feb are rising faster than forecasts. However, market shows limited reaction towards the inflation data released last week. Notwithstanding this, we need time to assess how markets will react to such data in the next few weeks. FOMC minutes to be released on 22 Feb, Thurs morning 3am and U.S. jobs report on 9 Mar 2018, 930 pm …