I am sharing something different today – my Hammer build/equipment in Monster Hunter World! This mixed armor build gives max Attack Boost (Level 7), max Earplugs (Level 5) and max Weakness Exploit (Level 3)! It comes with lots of slots for decorations/jewels too! All these are before augmentations.

In my opinion, these 3 skills are necessary for a hammer player because we go for the highest damage output! Max earplugs ensure that we will not be affected by the monster’s roar and give us the opportunity to continue whacking. One can argue that rolling out of the roar works but we will lose the charge as a result.

Weapon: Obliteration’s Footfall (1 slot – level 1)
Head: Bazel Helm Beta (2 slots – level 3 and level 1)
Body: Dober Mail Beta (1 slot – level 3)
Glove: Kaiser Vambraces Alpha (1 slot – level 1)
Pants: Bazel Coil Beta (1 slot – level 3)
Legs: Dober