I realized that I’ve yet to seriously share a full post analysis on Wilmar on my blog yet. I’ve shared on numerous occasions that Wilmar is a company that I will like to build my positions on so long the price provides me with an attractive valuation.

Honestly speaking, as far as I’m into Wilmar, the price had all along provided me with the comfort to add onto Wilmar but sadly, I do not have to capability to consistently fire my bullets without any war chest.

Some might wonder.. Why Wilmar?
Wilmar doesn’t gives attractive dividend, do they?
The answer is. No.
A big no especially to income investors where they look to receive tasty dividends from Wilmar.

Or maybe a better way to say so is, not at this moment.

Investors of Wilmar would have known that an analysis on Wilmar is not as easy as it seems due to the extensive broad range of service