Before we get started, if you want to grab some free tokens, watch out for the LIVE Huobi Talk for their new HADAX exchange.

Check out the link here ->

Date & Time: 20 – 28 Feb 2018, 11pm GMT +8

Moving on, we will be covering 4 main topics:

Huobi Talk HADAX Details How to List in HADAX How HADAX Voting works

And without further ado…

1) Huobi Talk

What is Huobi Talk?

It is the No.1 Talk Show That Gives You Insights In Blockchain.

You can ask them anything on Twitter @Huobi_Pro if you have any questions about HADAX.

The discussion in the Live Talk includes:

Q&A – If Huobi pick your question during the live streaming event, you will stand to get some surprises and rewards! For ICO Founder Teams – discover how to list your tokens and get exposure to millions